Ritual, killing

You are currently viewing Ritual, killing

Jackson Harvey (he/him)

photography by Anest Williams (she/her)

I’m sat here waiting

toilet scrolling

depression seeping in 

waste out

shit on and shattered 

and broken to bits 

clackin’ keys 

knees up

foetal inquisition

Katy B’s on a mission

and I’m dishing out dirt 

on the subliminal race space 

shipping tycoons gobble up

natural resources unethically

kindling forest fires 

and killing Koality St. 

& toasting Sham Pain

over your attempts to 

salve the rainforest

‘From Here on Out’

I’m sat here waiting 

holding an inquiry into Time 

magazine’s held clout

and you held hands 

over the Atlantic / not Indian / not Black C / 

some time Mediterranean /

Full-Time romantic bigotry

Silk Road

belt and brace [your-self]

vendor nondescript

broad minesweeping 

generalised feelings 

of yellow peril

masking ritualised 

bipolar inadequacy

Big Wig inadequacy?

OK, Google but

I’m sat here waiting and 

roses are red

Doritos are savoury

the US prison system is legalised slavery

I robbed that rhyme 

OFF a T-shirt ON 

wish.com for £5 

from Luoyang City

and I couldn’t help myself 

from feeling smug 

wearing IT

hands over the pacific 

looming threadread

and now I feel like 

I FUNded your joyride into space 

and away from your problezos

grim and bear trap

hart going like the clappers 

gunned down for the Highland CLEARANCE !SALE! 

Extinction’s last Rebellious act 

will be a fat tsunami 

OFF the back of melted polar ice CAPS

and the bear will be laughing 

as it’s cheviot and stag slicked coat 

is cleansed in the world’s largest intercontinental thermal pool

all Mother Earth needs is patience

for mankind to put a cattle bolt 

Colt devolver to its head and blow

1 last h0le in the ozone layer

God, as witness, will say a wee prayer 

and finding no solace There 

will wheek themselves down the pearly stairs 

Sotheby’s will hold a Blas-themed exhibition and Zounds!

would you look at the G.Me.T.

regular programming shall REcommence, 

as per, like clockwork

and like clockwork

I’m sat here waiting 

for the liberal elite to delete my tweet 

and the Luddite right 

to tell me it’s aw aw right 

but it’s not AW2R

and it hasn’t been since before I was born

and I’m tired

and I’m sat here waiting 

for Elon Musk to whisk us off to la la land

meanwhile, Primark is advertising vegan leather 

that was ON sale last week as cheap pleather

and I’m sat here waiting

and the toilet seat is getting hotter

the wet is on fire and next week

the world will be drowning in the wet 

and Father Time bomb is set to retire

and I won’t shit myself 

because I see it coming 

and I’m sat here waiting 


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