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There are women out there who own beautiful collections of jewellery; women who have house-sized wardrobe of designer brands; some even own more than a thousand bags. But the absolute ‘trouser girl’ is Sarah Harris.

Sarah Harris is a well-known Vogue editor, who first became famous through her unique sense of street style and, interestingly, her vast collection of trousers. Trousers were not in fashion until Coco Chanel first sported them, deeming them easier to ride horses in than long skirts. This rebellious act was the first step for women becoming equal to men in fashion; and today there is no new collection without a pair of tailored trousers, ripped boyfriend jeans or matching suit blazers and trousers on the runway. Many designers, building from Chanel, have even created unisex collections.

Sarah Harris knows fashion, and certainly knows how to rock an extravagant pair of trousers with style. The Fashion features editor of British Vogue is renowned for her unique long silver hair, effortless, easy style and, for every ‘frow’ appearance she makes, her plethora of spectacular trousers. A BBC series on British Vogue recently came out to celebrate the 100th birthday of the magazine and introduced some of the most popular editors, including Harris, who revealed to the viewers her collection of trousers with 85 pairs of jeans and counting. The editor has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, posting her most stylish outfits, sometimes in a pair of skinny jeans combined boyfriend shirts, fur coat, heels and one of the season’s favourite accessory, earrings; other times rocking a simple white t-shirt with Louis Vuitton’s colour block trousers. Dresses and skirts are rare for her, but they are essential during holidays to Mykonos, or London nights out.

Trousers appear more often on catwalks now more than ever. Women wear more oversized clothes, borrow men’s clothes and covet them in their own wardrobes. It’s not hard to keep up with the always changing trouser trends, and whilst skinny jeans are becoming less stylish, wide-leg trousers are taking over street style once more. Sarah Harris will always keep the trouser-girls out there updated about the latest trends of the season. She is the one to watch when it comes to trouser weather: she knows how to dress like a woman in trousers, and she is certainly not afraid to be the most outstanding street-styler during fashion week.

Article by Dora Pongracz

Illustration by Michael Paget


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