Spotify announces restrictions for Free content

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Yasmin Ali, Music Editor


It seems we have all had it a little too good for a little too long in terms of free music streaming. In a move to restrict access to its free content, popular platform Spotify last week announced changes to its free subscription services Spotify Free and Spotify Open. These changes will not affect paid subscribers on Spotify Premium. The changes will apply from May 1st.

In general, subscribers will be limited to 5 plays per track and a total of 10 hours listening per month after the first six months.  Ten hours may not sound much but it’s the equivalent of 200 track plays. Just no more of your favourite track on repeat…

The full details in an official statement can be read on Spotify’s website here.

Click the icon above to take you to the Spotify website. You can follow GUM’s mixtape here.

Happy (restricted) listening!


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