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HaHaHa: photo by Sean Anderson

Frazer Graham – aka HaHaHa – is a DJ, music producer, self made label exec and all round good guy, whose relationship with Subcity Radio started three years ago when Frazer was a Business student at Glasgow Uni. His initial intrigue into the possibilities the station had to offer came after attending the Research Club parties with Benny Boom behind the decks (who, incidentally, recently enthused about Frazer on his Mixed Bizness blog<>.) From helping out with visuals and putting forward production ideas, to joining this year’s Subcity events team, Frazer has quickly become a key part of the Subcity community.

HaHaHa: photo by Sean Anderson

Although his first live set as HaHaHa was only six months ago, Frazer has been  making beats since November 2009, alongside his other projects which include drumming for acclaimed Glasweigan band Vendor Defendor and making musical bleeps under the Alpine Ski Champion name. Six months ago Frazer decided to give up everything non music in pursuit of making the music he loves- as he explains:

“Some people think I’m an idiot for dropping out of uni with only a few months to go [till finishing] but when it’s a choice of doing something you love or something you hate I choose poverty.”

Frazer’s enthusiasm to make music has shined through, having co-formed the label Swimteam records with his friend Suse, releasing and promoting their own form of house, electronic and experimental music with a view to getting other artists and like-minded people involved down the line. Continuing his trend for collaboration, Frazer has recently got together with fellow DJ, producer and Subcity man Raksha, part of Glasgow’s Deadly Rhythm label, to produce some brilliant new tracks. As he puts it: “I’ve been having a lot of fun making music with Raksha” and that shows in the music; a combination of bass tech, dub and house influences, these two are bouncing off each other. Catch them at Subcity’s Sweet Sixteenth<> in early March, where they will be playing a back to back set, along with downloads available now on soundcloud and an EP release just round the corner.

Next shows:

19th March – Death Disco at the Arches – the second date of a monthly residency.

4th June Viewpoint Sessions 2011 – Mixed Bizness Takeover at Kelburn Castle (Live).


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