Subcity Nightvision – A Review

If you weren’t dressed as a giraffe (for the GUSA party, that is) on Wednesday 14th September, then likely stuff you were at Subcity Nightvision, the first party of the academic year held by Glasgow Univesity’s Subcity Radio.  Held in SubClub, Glasgow’s mecca of clubbing cool, the night gave freshers a break from the whole student union scene and plunged them into the darkness of Glasgwegian electronic music.

It all began with a bus tour around Glasgow, which highlighted the delights the West End has to offer from the top of a rather breezy blue bus. Acting as tour guides were Subcity’s Deadbeat Club who unleashed such hilariously useful snippets of information as where to meet a halal butcher at 5am. Off the bus, and it was into the venue where spidery green lighting transformed SubClub into a post-industrial beating heart, a musical Gotham City.

With a line-up ranging from music collective Bigfoot’s DJ to the infectious, minimal techno of Animal Hospital, it was a truly a night that initiated everyone into the ways of Glasgow’s vast music scene. Smooth, loungy soul gave way to harder dubstep and italo with occasional slices of delightfully obscure RnB. This really is as heady a night as you will get in Glasgow so make sure you don’t miss the next one.


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