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There’s no guarantee that this will happen if you join or listen to Subcity radio, but they’re almost as awesome as this. Honest.

After a summer of partying hard, it’s much more difficult to start studying. But don’t worry yet, wee lamb: Subcity is back. And after their shenanigans during Freshers’ Week, it looks like we actually have something Uni-related to get excited about.

Subcity is known for its clubnights held on Glasgow’s dirtiest dance floors – The Arches, Sub Club and Art School – but it diverts studious minds in other ways: it’s Glasgow Uni’s very own radio station. Run for students by students (and a few others), the station has been ensuring heads nod and feet tap at computers all over the library for more than 10 years. Trust us, that’s some serious tapping.

Everybody and their mother likes a good tune, but everybody and their mother have a different idea of what makes a good tune. So, for the snobbiest music fan, boasts the revolutionary ‘listen again’ feature. Maybe you once had a Summer Holiday with Cliff Richard but times have changed and so have your tastes.

Whether it’s mumbling crack-addicts and acoustic guitars, neon lights and synthesisers, purple platform shoes and bass guitars, or even Sir Cliff that gets you excited, you’re sure to find something at the click of a few buttons. Go to, search for your kind of music and see what’s on offer. As usual, you can use the website to listen live to shows as they are broadcast, and you can find out how to get more involved with the station.

Banter amongst presenters is as varied as the music, with the likes of Solar Island, The Cheesy Rock Show and Your Chat’s Awful all there to keep you smiling through that study sesh. Stay fresh with Subcity Spin, the station’s unique hype chart, chatting about what will be hot in the coming weeks and months. Subcity Sessions will bring you live performances and interviews with the best new bands Glasgow has to offer, and with previous guests being Franz Ferdinand and Shitdisco you’d blatantly be a fool to miss it. This year Sunday will be playing host to special guest DJs—Optimo, Slam, Death Disco, Kinky Afro and Record Playerz have made appearances in the past—keeping Subcity at the forefront of Glasgow’s music scene.

So, sit up young pup, computers are there for fun!


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