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Designer: Hannah Mitchell, Model: Madeline Harvey-Brown
Designer: Hannah Mitchell, Model: Madeline Harvey-Brown

Creativity and community are two buzz words on the Glasgow fashion scene; bursting at the seams with up-and-coming talent, the city boasts a colourful network of designers, models, make-up artists and hair stylists. With independent events forming a strong backbone, nothing gives fashion a bigger sense of community than a vibrant catwalk event to bring  together people from all ends of the fashion spectrum.

 This is where Nightwalk comes in: an independent fashion show which provides a platform for Glasgow’s bold designers, beautiful models and all manner of hair and make-up wizardry. The event was created in 2010 by Angie Koorbanally, who drew upon her previous experience as an events management student, and 6 years spent working in The Arches, to turn her dream into reality. She explains the reason behind it’s conception: “It was created because I saw a gap in the market for a large scale fashion show, which showcased local fashion talent but is also open to general public (without invitation or paying a hefty ticket price) in Scotland. I also knew a few up-and-coming designers and models who were looking for a place to showcase their work.” With an invaluable network of contacts in the fashion, media, PR and music industries, lashings of creativity and a lot of hard work Nightwalk was born, and has since worked us into a fashion frenzy over the innovative talent our city beholds. Last year saw the likes of womenswear brand Ten30 and lingerie designer Lilly Wiggler showcase their designs, and the Nightwalk SS2012 show promises to be just as exciting with the return of explosive design duo Obscure Couture, the unique designs of Jennie Lööf and director Angie’s very own headwear label Fair Feathered Friend. We will also be welcoming Nightwalk newcomers Claudette, Isolated Heroes and Bonnie Bling to the forefront, along with other exciting names.

Designer: HandmadeInPartick, Model: Declan

As Angie explains, the importance of these events in Glasgow is second to none: “There are so many designers out there who are looking for exposure and experience from a large-scale fashion show, without having to go to London. Events like this also help boost Scotland’s cultural ecology and puts us on the fashion and events map.” Independent fashion events like Nightwalk are essential to feed the city’s thriving creativity, offering up-and-coming talent the coverage and experience they need right on their doorstep. And with the driven, dedicated Angie at the helm there is much room for expansion; she sees a bright future for the project: “I would like Nightwalk to become a regular feature (bi-annual fashion show) in Scotland’s event calendar and for it to be the leading independent fashion event in Scotland which is accessible by, and open to the public without invitation. And for it to continue launching new names in fashion into the industry marketplace.”
Undoubtedly, Nightwalk has achieved what it set out to do in creating an event which showcases a diverse and dynamic range of talent which rivals that of fashion’s most illustrious capitals. Indeed, Angie sees the future of Nightwalk as one which could expand into other cities, telling us: “One day I would like to take Nightwalk to other cities in the UK and Europe.” But for now, step aside London and move over Milan, wee Glasgow is bringing out the big guns and is ready to take a Nightwalk on the wild side.

Nightwalk (18+): Tue 1st May, The Arches, Glasgow. 8pm-11.30pm. £10. Tickets can be purchased from The Arches website

Words by Rose Henderson


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