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Jonathan Saunders, photo:


Jonathan Saunders, photo:

We all want to avoid fashion faux-pas, but instances do occasionally arise where we unintentionally stray from the stylish. Thankfully with more subtle trends, such blunders can go unnoticed; not so, however, if you are sporting fuchsia, lime green or canary yellow, as is likely to be the case this summer.
Jil Sander, Jonathan Saunders & co. had made it look so easy on the runway, but now leave us the task of incorporating colour into our everyday outfits. Difficult, when many of us are fearful of striking out and donning some dazzling apparel, simply because it is eye-catching. So how is it to be done?

When making an attempt at colour, the most common reaction is to reach into the wardrobe for some black to pair it with. We all know you can’t go wrong with black. As it turns out, and as a quick flick through any magazine will soon tell you, this summer’s motto sounds more like: you can’t go wrong with white. And thinking about it, black actually makes the colourful stand out even more & seem brighter, so for the more reluctant among us, white is definitely the way to go.

Even though we do have to accept colour as this season’s dominant trend, thankfully it doesn’t necessarily mean a clashing rave pallet of colours, where fluorescent green meets pink in one outfit. Colour, in all its intense brightness, can be kept classy. As examples go, one need look no further than Marc Jacobs where reds, are combined with mauves. By juxtaposing colours in this way they become less vibrant.

In terms of shapes, many of the designers prioritize a return to classics, with circle skirts reminiscent of the 50’s for example. In addition to longer lengths and flowing fabrics, this brings a new look to fashion. When complimented with the new hunger for colour, it becomes strikingly different looking fresh and exciting, rather than simply slightly off the mark.

However, if you still don’t think you can hack being completely and utterly brave, or you just want to ease yourself into the trend, then accessories are a way forward. A brightly coloured bag or belt can hardly go wrong and will pep up an outfit nicely.

So as we gradually edge into summer, we can always be safe and stick to safe pastels & nudes, but ultimately I believe it’s worth running the risk, being bold & having some colourful fun.


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