the exchange

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Joan Eardley, Two Children, 1963 Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow © Estate of Joan Eardley. All Rights Reserved, DACS 2016

the exchange

blood red ender 

jam head piece 

writings on the close

yellow cubes and 

candid cheese 

licenced croakers 

Lycée M. et. al.  

scrap stores metal

SPAM and 2 rag 

snitches street smarting 

at fluttering pass ‘ers by 

building blocks rage from 

becoming in surmount

able jointedjointed 

hand dealings only 


siblings comprehend  

erase the stakes for 

jingle shells and 

see gulls 

lazy and bowie 

don’t just 

see but are 

piercing showy

nosy parker Nial

biting saft Ron 

hart thumb per 

excessive stunt

snubbed snifters 

stunt ultrafine  

whining weans         

how 2 make 11 

during vague 

plague era aura 

feverish winter 

Falconers Ale or 

female in the           pink


I’ve your stagnant skin and

I’m your blistering surface

paper round, bob curtains

monochromatic gingham squared

what, a spread and 

underfed hollow legs?

technicoloured dream 

coati and jaggy jumper 

gub stuffing shite and 

share akin alike


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