The Last Dance @ Chambre 69

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from left: Assan, Colin, Tanner
from left: Assan, Colin, Tanner
from left: Ahsan, Colin, Tanner

This past Friday saw Chambre 69 opening its doors to Glasgow clubbers for the last time at its current location at 69 Nelson Mandela Place. The shock closure, announced over Facebook, sent ripples of confusion and a general melancholy over the demise of what has been, for the last 18 months, one of Glasgow’s finest venues.

The Chambre team wrote in their announcement that “this has come totally out of the blue for us and we are not in a position to negotiate staying in the venue any longer.” The shady nature of the closure and the last minute pull-together of the acts gives anyone who wants to put on a packed-out club night a bit of hope. But then we have to remember that these are the Chambre guys, and we could only be so lucky as to have such a hint of scandal to propel a club night into the stratosphere.

Originally billed as Chicago vs. Detroit, the line-up was changed to reflect the times, beginning with Glasgow based collective and electronic label All Caps, to aliOOFT, Void and Tanner. Seasoned regulars mixed with the scene kids for one last night at the soon-to-be notorious venue. That is to say, if it wasn’t before, the half mile queue down Buchanan street certainly made it so.

_MG_5128 Shaun Murphy of Vitamins, was quoted as saying “It’s a genuine loss to the club scene, hopefully whatever fills the void has a similar open, risk taking and supportive ethos.” Luckily for us Cheesy (Chambre Tech) and Ahsan (Deadly Rhythm / Former Chambre booking manager) will be launching a pop-up venue appropriately named Make Do, which will have it’s opening night this Saturday.

Tanner, another part of the Vitamins crew and marketing manager at Chambre, slammed the night, which had owner Colin Barr up to his usual antics stage diving from the DJ booth. However, despite having a Funktion 1 sound system rigged up the sound started unbearably loud then dissipated over the venue leaving a slight muffle towards the seating area. Good as this was for catching up with what has become to some a home away from home, it was a little disappointing if one wanted to escape the crowd of the dance floor and have a little boogie by the bar.

Enough talking, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Photographer: Harrison Reid infrequentglasgow.tumblr


_MG_7010 _MG_6143


Words: Alexandra Embiricos


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