The Phantom Band @ Oran Mor 21/11/10

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Mary Machin

One of Glasgow’s most promising contemporary acts, The Phantom Band, have just completed a stint on the road promoting their not to be missed album The Wants, the follow up to critically acclaimed Checkmate Savage. Both albums hold their own in a comparatively dismal musical culture combining rustic, folky elements and more robust percussion sections. This in mind, it goes without saying that the atmosphere inside Oran Mor’s jam-packed depths is positively electric.

The Phantom Band (Source:The List)

Once the Scottish sextet hit the stage, it becomes apparent that there really is no stopping them when it comes to a live show (and Whiskey drinking), a fair feat indeed seeing as they’ve returned from a US tour prior to this month’s UK dates. Powering through a mixture of material from both albums, songs old and new spark the same ecstasy in the home crowd. ‘Crocodile’, ’Into the Corn’ and ‘Everybody Knows It’s True’ strike a particular chord personally and it’s hard not to wonder why The Phantom Band aren’t as well known as they could be. Still, judging on the elated faces that leave after an encore that sees the group get all folked up, it seems that for now, this much love should be enough.


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