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[Written by Rowan Bland]

[Image Credit: Sappho and Alcaeus, oil on panel by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1881]

No-one seems to want me to be together

besides you. Maybe

I have a right hand and

a left hand but

they belong to this one body: me

I’ve only felt rightfully together when our bodies are


and I mentioned how I like both, the other night

just a passing comment to you: I loved

I loved loved loved

how you forget it’s even a thing

because everyone else seems to want me to choose

I just choose you, right now

and whoever comes after you, if anybody comes after you

at all.

I don’t care what type of person brushes the hair from my cheek

and I wish it didn’t make me into a half

I wish for my identity to be whole, whole

whole like the way I always feel with


you settle me

I am settled, and there is so much inside that dissents

sometimes my personalities don’t go together

but we go together

I guess I just want the world to know that my identity is one of


and nothing less.


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