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[Written by Katherine Jossi]

[Image by Katherine Jossi]

Oct 12th Barrowlands

Tom Odell’s performance at the Barrowlands kicks off the tour for his upcoming album.  After a two-year hiatus, Jubilee Road is set to release later this month. When I think of British singer-songwriter Tom Odell, I remember his first album from 2013 – Long Way Down. I was 15 when it came out and I remember listening to his song Another Love after boy drama. So naturally I was expecting a fairly mellow concert, but it was anything but that.

Tom Odell and his three accompanying band members brought an energy unmatched, with each song sung there was an eccentric light show happening. The crowd came to life instantly and stayed vibrant throughout the performance that lasted about an hour and forty-five minutes. Not once but three times did Odell climb atop his piano, with the crowd carrying out the words to at least three of his songs. To keep the crowd alive and engaged in the way Odell did was impressive.

While this was not the Tom Odell I knew in my teens, his music and piano skills are still one to love. With the crowd soaking up every minute, Odell and his band put on quite the show. As Tom belted and played the classic oldie Another Love, the voices of fans throughout the venue could be heard as they sung the lyrics word for word. His hands flew across the piano as the crowd continued to sing bringing the venue to life. Throughout the show, Odell expressed a special place in his heart for Glasgow: “It’s great to be back at the best city in the world to play music live.” Later on, before launching into another song, he would bring the crowd’s spirits up again as he roared “Let’s go Glasgow”.

Tom Odell and his band shut down the house and brought us a show we never could’ve dreamed of.  

[Image Description: Tom Odell performing at a piano with purple-tinted lights around the image.]


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