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[Written By Arianne Crainie – Editor-in-Chief]

Hello everyone! Hopefully you’ve had a chance to take a browse at the articles published over the past few days. If not then click back to the feed where you’ll find some pieces on the theme of ‘Tomorrow.’ This mini-theme was chosen to coincide with our Freshers zine-making workshop last Friday (what a great turnout – tysm to everyone who came!!). It also prompted us to reflect on what we wanted for the magazine.

Along with a brand new team we’ve got a brand new set of ideas. We’re looking to increase the output of our content as well as expand the number of mediums used. This means that, hopefully, we’ll be able to get some video and audio headed your way. Please feel free to get involved with this if it interests you.

Another goal of ours is to become more engaged with the community: this means running more interviews; focusing on the work of local figures and; opening up events so that anyone can arrange and hold one if they like. A big part of what we want to do here is to make our platform as approachable, accessible and inclusive as possible. So if you have any ideas for a workshop, discussion, fundraising ideas, people/charities/events you want to highlight etc. etc. then please do let any of the team know. And of course suggestions are always welcome.

On Tuesday we had our first meeting and tomorrow we’ll be getting to work on planning our first print issue (with the theme of ‘Between’). Going forwards, our meetings are fortnightly in the SRC  (details found on our Facebook page) and the weeks in which we don’t meet will be when we have our other events (including. reading club, a chat about activism and comics, and a trip to GWL). Pitches will go up on the page as usual. You don’t have to have any experience to contribute and you don’t have to be committed either. It really is up to you!

Take care and would love to c u real soon x


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Sanah Khan
Sanah Khan
5 years ago

Can’t wait for more issues!