Two Door Cinema Club @ GUU Debates Chamber

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Photo: Amandla Taylor

Dave Hunter & Joseph McEachen

Monday the 13th of September and ‘Two Door Cinema Club’ headline the first
night of Glasgow University’s Freshers week in the Debate Chambers of GUU.

Support came in the form of Glasgow’s own French Wives and Decade Agenda, with Johnny Reb absent after running into a spot of bother back stage. It was therefore up to Decade Agenda and French Wives to steal Johnny’s thunder and they both proved to have their feet firmly on the crowd taking the opportunity to thank the cogs in the machine for putting it all together.  Decade Agenda warmed up the crowd well with a short but solid set, putting in the groundwork for the appearance of Glasgow quintet French Wives who cut an imposing presence on stage.  In part, it’s down to lead singer Stuart Dougan being able to have a candid conversation with certain members of the Chambers balcony but it’s their depth in sound and finale of ‘Me vs Me’ which wins over the freshers faithful.(DH)

French Wives: Photo by Amandla Taylor

It may have been the £1.25 vodkas that evoked such a rapturous reaction from the
audience towards Two Door Cinema Club but I was left dissatisfied with the substandard indie that met my ears that night. Although I cannot dispute the musical ability of the Irish three piece I found it difficult to distinguish between songs. Don’t get me wrong their youthful, energetic stage presence is impressive however listening to the same song on repeat for a full set, in my opinion, doesn’t equate to a quality live show. Despite all that I’ve said I must admit there is a cheekiness that I liked about the university drop outs and however “samey” the songs may be at least they get your feet tapping.(JM)

Two Door Cinema Club: Photo by Amandla Taylor


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