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It’s certainly true what they say about Scottish weather: it can be wet – and to add insult to injury, recent events have proven that it can get very windy too. After staunchly attempting to deny these facts, I have gradually come to sadly acquiesce when challenged by non-Scottish people and their inevitable comments about the “bad weather”. And yet if you’re like me, even though you’re aware of the complications rain and wind can create when it comes to dressing, more often than not its quite likely you’ll find yourself leaving the house in the most unsuitable attire. Wellies? Nope. Waterproof coat? Never heard of.

Luckily being weather-proof doesn’t not necessarily stand for being completely and utterly un-stylish and when you start looking around you’ll soon find that designers are actually on the ball about combining style and sensibility.

Bubble Betty

There’s Bubble Betty ( for example. You know those rain caps, as sported by every single granny to keep the purple-tinted perm dry? Well Bubble Betty has taken those very uncool items and actually made them cool – whether lace is your thing or if you’re more of a leopard-print person, you might soon find yourself whipping a printed cap out of your bag whilst other people wrestle with their stubborn umbrellas. Who knew a print could do such wonders?


Or if you want to take things a little bit further go for Chouchou ( a nice, diverse range of “Hollyhoods”. Some out of waterproof fabrics, others not (just incase you don’t want to be that sensible). Perfect for keeping your head dry whilst giving your outfit a unique touch. Oh, and it’s not raining? You’ll probably be so proud of your Hollyhood that you’ll be strutting about with it on anyway.

And then, when it’s not the rain or wind, it is inevitably the cold we’re battling with. Betty Spoke ( has the answer to this with her snoods (snoods being all the rage at the moment, incase you hadn’t noticed). Hers have a Scottish touch with a token bit of tweed or tartan. Stylish, Scottish AND warm: thumbs up to that, is all I can say.

It therefore looks like I no longer have an excuse for turning up to places looking like a drowned rat: let’s praise the fact we have sensible-thinking designers in our midst!

By Ginger Clark


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