#YouthStrike4Climate in Glasgow – a photo series

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[Written by Adriana Iuliano]

[Images by Adriana Iuliano]

On Friday, March 15th, an estimated 1.4 million students in 123 countries around the world took part in demonstrations to demand action against climate change. The protests were inspired by the movement ‘School strike for climate’ led by the Swedish activist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greta Thunberg.

Here is a collection of photos from the day in Glasgow:

‘Climate is changing. Why aren’t you?’

Two students wearing Scottish and European flags.

Signs from the protest: ‘Be part of the solution not the pollution’, ‘Love CO2 is in the air’, ‘Grab global warming by the pussy’, ‘Let’s keep Barry Benson alive’, ‘Respect your mother’, ‘There’s no planet B’.

Students on Buchanan Street. Two students hold the banner for the Extinction Rebellion climate movement.

A young student holds a sign showing a polar bear in George Square. Another sign reads: ‘What I stand on is what I stand for’.

Students hold signs from one of the monuments in George Square.

Students hold signs reading: ‘It’s capitalism vs the planet’ and ‘Climate emergency’.

‘There is no planet B’

Students shout slogans in front of Glasgow City Chambers.

A young striker holding the sign ‘Wee man for big change’.

A student holding a sign showing Theresa May in the House of Commons, which reads: ‘Act like the house is on fire!’ and ‘Everything’s fiiine!’.

The crowd of young protesters in George Square and the former City of Glasgow College building with the slogan ‘People Make Glasgow’ on the background.

Find the complete photo series here.

For more information on the climate movements visit Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion or follow @gretathunberg, @fridaysforfuture, @fff_europe, @extinctionrebellion, @xrscotland on Instagram.

Further readings on climate change:


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